LGBT Family Law Attorneys

Because Pennsylvania does not recognize same-sex marriages, gay and lesbian couples continue to face complex legal questions, especially in terms of issues that affect their families. At the Law Offices of Kathleen D. Schneider, we routinely field those questions.

The LGBT family law lawyers at Kathleen D. Schneider help LGBT clients build the legal infrastructure to afford their families the protection of the law. In times of personal, medical or financial crisis, this infrastructure counts. We can help you understand how best to prepare effective legal documentation to accomplish your individual goals in your circumstances.

Some Issues To Consider

Pennsylvania remains the only state in the Northeast which does not yet allow same-sex marriages, although the legal landscape is dynamic. The question "Should we get married?" for a gay or lesbian couple in Pennsylvania requires consideration of legal and financial ramifications, as well as personal and emotional consequences.

Some of the many factors we advise our clients to consider include tax planning, Medicaid issues and divorce. How these issues will impact you will affect the strategy you adopt.

The recent Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act means that as long as you were legally married in a jurisdiction recognizing same-sex marriage, you can take advantage of federal benefits traditionally afforded to opposite-sex couples. The IRS recognizes your marriage even though the state of Pennsylvania does not.

Because Pennsylvania does not recognize same-sex marriages, there are no provisions in the divorce code to assist same-sex couples when they separate. Gay and lesbian couples must look to contract and property law when determining how "marital" property will be divided.

A carefully considered and drafted estate plan is particularly important for same-sex partners. Thorough estate planning, using wills and trusts and powers of attorney, enables same-sex partners to secure rights that otherwise would not be available to unmarried partners. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kathleen D. Schneider are able to draft documents that stand up to legal challenges.

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The best way for same-sex couples to address family law issues is to talk with an experienced attorney who has knowledge and experience specific to the LGBT community.

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