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Get IRS Representation Early

Many people feel a chill when dealing with a powerful agency like the IRS. "Do I need a lawyer?" they ask when it is clear they have come to the IRS' attention. Very often, having a lawyer is a good rule of thumb. And the point at which you should seek help is early in the process.

The IRS is returning to an aggressive stance when dealing with taxpayers. When you are chosen by the IRS for audit, when you have unpaid taxes or when you are receiving notices for unfiled returns, representation by an attorney with qualified financial credentials is essential.

Failing to file, for instance, is a criminal offense and puts you at risk, no matter the reason.

Matters requiring representation by a tax attorney may include complex examination, any matter with the potential for criminal prosecution, collections matters and penalty relief, among many others.

Qualified, Experienced, Authoritative

Attorney Kathleen D. Schneider is admitted to U.S. Tax Court. Practicing law since 1995, her legal and financial qualifications are extensive. Her office offers capable representation when the IRS challenges you or in IRS appeals. Representation by a lawyer protects your rights as a taxpayer and a citizen and affords you the experience of a skilled negotiator.

Our job is to be the liaison between you and the IRS. Our goal at the Law Offices of Kathleen D. Schneider is to resolve issues at the examiner level and avoid the cost of ending up in tax court.

Ask Our Allegheny County IRS Tax Attorneys

Our IRS tax attorneys have extensive substantive knowledge in tax issues. We understand procedural rules, and we know how the IRS and the tax system operate. Call us at 412-342-8577, toll free at 800-590-4606, or contact us online.

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