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Collaborative divorce is one option to avoid litigation

Pennsylvania couples going through a divorce may be pleasantly surprised at the choices they have. No longer do divorces occur only in the courtroom where spouses battle for every decision and sometimes walk away enemies. One of the more popular options is a collaborative divorce. While similar in some ways to mediation, collaboration has its unique features that may be more appropriate for certain situations.

Collaborative divorce succeeds when parties stay focused

Pennsylvania and other states are amenable to alternative dispute resolutions in court cases,  including in the family law arena. A collaborative divorce is often most desired by those who have young children because it is based on the parties working together to find a peaceful resolution and exit strategy. The impact on the children will thus be far more benign than in a bellicose divorce action that includes bells, whistles and unleashed emotions that reverberate like earthquakes against the courtroom walls.

How does collaborative divorce work?

Avoiding a protracted and contentious court battle is the goal of many couples heading for divorce. Rather than having a winner and a loser, the couples work to resolve and negotiate to arrive at the best possible outcome for all involved. Understandably, this is not an easy task, and sometimes the couple cannot achieve this on their own. This is why more Pennsylvania couples are exploring the option of collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is often a peaceful option

More often, couples who are considering divorce want the matter to be over as peacefully and painlessly as possible. Some may even attempt the process without the assistance of an attorney because they fear involving attorneys will necessarily turn their divorce into a battle. However, enough Pennsylvania attorneys have seen the heartache and destruction of litigated divorces that they include less contentious options in their practice, such as collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce offers many advantages

It is likely that few people heading for divorce in Pennsylvania want the process to be one of contention and struggle. After all, if the marriage is coming to an end, it is possible the couple has already had enough struggle. A litigated divorce is not only expensive, but in some cases, it actually damages what is left of the couple's relationship, which could be detrimental if the couple has children. For this reason, many couples choose collaborative divorce.

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