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At the Law Offices of Kathleen D. Schneider, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we provide exceptional legal services in family law, estate planning and tax preparation/planning matters, with particular insight into the impact of these issues on LGBT families.

Helping You Build A Future

Our legal practice focuses on matters that affect families deeply. Your family may be young or aging, traditional or nontraditional, a family of two or many. At some point, you will find you need the skills of a legal professional. Whether you are facing a divorce or anticipating an adoption, need help with wills, trusts or powers of attorney, buying a house or require legal and financial expertise for tax planning and preparation, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to serve you.

Family Law: Designing Transitions

Choosing to marry, to divorce, to adopt a child – decisions like these are often fraught with emotion and uncertainty. Our attorneys are experienced guides and advisors. We have helped hundreds of clients through the legal process toward realizing a fruitful outcome. Knowing that the right measures are taken at the right time — informed by long experience — will afford you the peace of mind and confidence you need right now.

Legally Sound, Financially Astute Solutions

Everyone, regardless of age or wealth, needs an estate plan. When children, a spouse or partner or other dependents are involved, this is especially true. We bring a wealth of professional financial experience to the management of your estate planning needs. Estate planning should not be intimidating. We work carefully to develop strategies tailored to your individual circumstances and goals.

Likewise, tax planning and tax preparation can easily become complicated matters. We are well-versed in federal, state and local tax law for individuals, businesses, trusts and estates. We can explain your options, propose a course of action and prepare the documents you need.

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In business since 1995, we are a small, approachable firm with the experience to handle your matters with authority. Ours is not a law firm with marble floors. You will feel comfortable when you walk into our offices and confident when you walk out.

Your family, your financial health and your legacy matter. When issues arise that deeply affect them, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Kathleen D. Schneider are here to help. Call us at 412-342-8577, toll free at 800-590-4606, or contact us online.