Signs may indicate divorce is unavoidable

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News

Despite statistics showing that nearly half of marriages end in divorce, it is probably fair to say that many of those divorced spouses wish they could have fixed their marriages instead. In fact, research shows that spouses in unhappy marriages may work for up to six years trying to resolve their issues before seeking a divorce. Some experts have compiled a list of signs that a struggling marriage is likely over, and knowing those signs may save Pennsylvania couples years of unhappiness.

Most experts agree that going through with a divorce before making every effort to confront the issues is a mistake many couples regret. However, if a couple has tried every possible avenue to repair the broken relationship to no avail, divorce may be the most logical next step. This may be especially true if the respect between the couples has turned to contempt or long days of bitter stonewalling.

Many struggling couples reach the point where one feels the other no longer appreciates his or her efforts in the marriage. This loss of gratitude can become a habit that is difficult to reconcile. On the other hand, if both partners do not have the same interest in rebuilding the damaged relationship, this may be a clear sign that divorce is imminent. These situations may lead to or result from addiction, abuse, infidelity or other situations that are deal breakers.

Every Pennsylvania couple is different. What may be the death knell for one marriage is the chance at a new beginning for another. However, when the signs point to divorce, each partner wants to be certain of obtaining the most solid legal advice possible. Seeking the help of an attorney can improve the chances of reaching a fair divorce agreement that will open the doors to a brighter future.

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