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March 2019 Archives

Proceeding cautiously with a later-in-life divorce

When an older couple decides to end their marriage, it can take a significant financial toll on their future. Gray divorce, which is a divorce involving two people age 50 or older, can have various implications on things such as retirement and long-term savings. With fewer years remaining to work, save and recoup financial losses, these are serious matters a Pennsylvania reader would be wise to consider if he or she is moving forward with a later-in-life divorce.

Business law: Do I need contracts for every employee?

Contracts can protect Pennsylvania business owners in many circumstances. It is wise to have a contract with customers when performing a service so both sides understand the expectations and obligations. Employee contracts are also a helpful part of business law since they can clarify what an employer requires of workers and what the worker can expect in return. However, some positions carry an implied contract that does not need a formal agreement.

Do you need to amend a tax return from a previous year?

Tax season is in full swing, and for many people this can be overwhelming. Tax laws are complex, and recent changes in the tax code drastically changed how many people prepare their returns and anticipate refunds or necessary payments. Unfortunately, this process can also bring to light further complications if a person or business realizes that they made errors or used incomplete information while filing taxes in a previous year.

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