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July 2018 Archives

Business law: Many over 50 starting new businesses

As one long work week grinds into another, many Pennsylvania workers yearn for the days of retirement. In addition to making their estate plans to provide adequate income, those nearing 50 may plan to downsize their homes to allow extra money and time for travel, hobbies and long days of doing nothing in particular. However, a surprising new survey shows that a large portion of the over-50 crowd has no intention of kicking back during retirement. In fact, many are consulting experts in business law about their options as entrepreneurs.

Keep the focus of your custody practices on your children

For many couples facing divorce, child custody is one of the biggest disagreements. Both parents likely want to spend as much time as possible with the kids. In some cases, parents see the possibility of winning custody as a way of beating their ex in divorce. They will throw everything they have into "winning" the custody proceedings.

Signs that a marriage is heading toward divorce

No two marriages end for the same reason, and factors that may bring one marriage to an end may cause another couple to grow stronger. Sometimes, it is a major event that creates an irreparable rift between spouses. However, more often, it is a series of little things that build up until one spouse emotionally detaches from the other. Pennsylvania couples may wonder if there are signs when divorce is imminent.

Tax issues related to taxable and untaxable income

For some, tax preparation is on their minds all year long. A Pennsylvania worker may have numerous sources of income, run a business or simply fear that again this year, he or she will owe hundreds or thousands more than anticipated. When these tax issues arise, it may help to seek professional guidance. A solution to the issue may begin with understanding which sources of income are taxable and which are not.

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