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February 2019 Archives

Collaborative divorce succeeds when parties stay focused

Pennsylvania and other states are amenable to alternative dispute resolutions in court cases,  including in the family law arena. A collaborative divorce is often most desired by those who have young children because it is based on the parties working together to find a peaceful resolution and exit strategy. The impact on the children will thus be far more benign than in a bellicose divorce action that includes bells, whistles and unleashed emotions that reverberate like earthquakes against the courtroom walls.

Common mistakes that can derail a divorce settlement

Ending a marriage is a complex and difficult process, and it is easy to allow temporary emotions to drive the decision-making process. However, Pennsylvania readers know it is prudent to set aside anger and frustration and focus on what will really work best well into the future. Mistakes during divorce can affect a person for years to come, and every person walking through this process would be prudent to know how to avoid them

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