Issues stemming from the loss of a job during a divorce

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Bringing a marriage to an end is tough for different reasons. Whether you are struggling with difficult emotions due to your marriage falling apart, have anxiety over child custody or another family law matter, it is understood that many people face immense pressure as a result of the divorce process. 

Unfortunately, some face other challenging hardships during this tough time as well, such as the loss of a job. Many Americans are out of work due to consequences stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, going through a divorce often increases the likelihood of one losing his or her job as a result of performance drops due to stress or a decision to step down to focus on personal matters.

Stress and financial concerns 

When someone loses their job, financial concerns often follow. For those going through the divorce process, financial issues are particularly complex. For example, many people have uncertainty with respect to their ability to take care of their children due to financial hardships.

Moreover, family law matters involving finances such as property distribution, spousal support and child support also raise concerns when someone is out of work. 

Protecting your future 

It is important to focus on protecting your future if you are out of work. Not only should you look into your career options and try to protect your finances, but you need to think about how your financial situation will impact your divorce as well as post-divorce family law matters such as child support and alimony.

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