The connection between divorce and career

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The consequences of divorce can create lingering effects in many areas of a person’s life including his or her relationships, health, financial and retirement planning, and career path. 

People who recognize the potential of their divorce damaging their career and proactively implementing solutions to prevent their aspirations from falling apart may more effectively minimize the impact of their relationship on their job.

Separating divorce from work 

Divorce has a subtle way of leaking into every area of a person’s life. Work is one area that when the drama of divorce works its way in, people may find themselves becoming distracted, less productive and anxious. These outcomes have the potential to affect their job performance and ultimately their career. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, people who take risks increase their flexibility as well as maintain a creative and innovative approach to their work responsibilities may minimize the distraction of their divorce from impeding their success.

Consider a career change 

While self-control, healthy management of emotions and resolve to pull through may prevent a person’s divorce from upending his or her career, Forbes suggests that a career change may benefit people who previously were homemakers or caring for children. Going out and getting a new job may enable them to feel more confident and motivated to take on the challenges they are facing.

Another reason why people may consider a career change is to eliminate some of the stressors in their life such as frequent travel, lengthy business appointments and rigid deadlines for work-related projects. Particularly in situations where child custody negotiations are underway, a career change may enable people to be closer to their support system and their children. 

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