Using the collaborative method to keep you out of divorce court

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Collaborative Divorce

A typical divorce in Pennsylvania can look very different today from those that occurred 20 years ago. A long, bitter court battle that eats up savings accounts and 401(k)s is no longer the norm. If divorce is on your horizon, you might be able to avoid the courtroom altogether and achieve an equitable settlement quickly. We often utilize progressive solutions for families going through a divorce.

According to the American Bar Association, collaborative law can help opposing sides of a dispute reach an agreement. This process sidesteps the stress of an adversarial court atmosphere in favor of achieving a sustainable agreement. Additional benefits of a collaborative divorce include the following.

Less expensive

Attorney and court fees can add up quickly, which puts a strain on your emotional state and bank account. You may settle for a less than satisfactory agreement if you know you cannot pay the bill at the end of the process. The proceedings in a collaborative divorce can take place outside the courtroom, so not only can you avoid those fees, you do not need to deal with the busy schedule of divorce court.

More control

You and your ex have more control over the outcome of the proceedings. You can each voice opinions in a safe space. This allows you to settle issues and reach a compromise without a judge dictating the outcome. Active participation and an informal environment may help reduce the anxiety of the proceedings and help you work together for a settlement that satisfies both of you.

In collaborative divorces, problem-solving methods and negotiation can help you reach your goals and make the entire process less painful and much less expensive than a traditional divorce. Visit our webpage for more information.

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