Why choose a collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2021 | Divorce

When you decide that your marriage must end, the next steps may set the tone for the process. If you are not familiar with divorce in Pennsylvania, you may not know you have options.

A collaborative divorce is one such path couples may take to undo their marital bond. The process is something to consider as it may leave you and your ex with a more positive post-divorce start. Discover more about why a collaborative divorce may work for you.

What happens during a collaborative divorce?

The collaborative divorce experience differs drastically from the traditional process. Instead of going through discovery, filings and court appearances, the couple and their attorneys all meet to settle their affairs. Each spouse must bring their own representative. The couple, along with their lawyers, work through all the issues necessary to reach a settlement. A couple can meet as often as necessary to reach an agreement. The entire process takes less time, costs less money and leaves couples feeling less stressed.

How is this different than mediation?

The premise behind a collaborative divorce and a mediated one are similar in that they both encourage the parties to settle their differences outside of court. Mediation is a process by which the parties appear in front of a neutral third-party who helps guide them through their divorce issues. The parties do not have to reach settlement and may decide to continue on with the court case.

The choice on how to proceed with legally ending your marriage is yours to make. Considering the emotional turmoil a dissolution of marriage may bring about, trying something that may alleviate the contention should pay off when moving forward.


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