How can a collaborative divorce help reduce stress?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Collaborative Divorce

While many traditional divorces can bring up thoughts of conflict and disagreements, collaborative divorces tend to focus on the opposite.

This kind of divorce relies on communication and cooperation, which can help you from feeling stressed during this tough time.

Lets you process emotions

According to FindLaw, many divorcing couples fear getting into needless arguments about important subjects. Issues such as child care, housing and retirement accounts can all feel overwhelming when processing the end of a marriage.

In a collaborative divorce, a neutral third party oversees any important discussions. This person’s presence can help create a safe and respectful environment where neither you nor your ex-spouse feel overwhelmed.

Encourages win-win solutions

When discussing sensitive topics or determining how to divide up assets, you may feel pressured to defend yourself. In a collaborative divorce, the focus is on fulfilling both you and your ex-spouse’s needs, so that neither of you get left out or feel unhappy after the process is over.

This approach, where you work with one another rather than against one another, can also help save you time and money.

Allows for more personalization

The informal setting of a collaborative divorce allows you both to be more honest about what you need or want out of the divorce. Whether it is child support payments or other issues, this process allows for a more detailed and personal discussion that would not normally happen in a court room.

When you have children, this can be even more important, since you both want the best for them but may not always immediately agree on how to handle a situation. Choosing a collaborative divorce can allow you to craft a solution that fits your life.

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