Tips for effective co-parenting after a divorce

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After a marriage ends, parents may face some difficulty settling into a new dynamic with childcare. Negative feelings from a divorce can impact their ability to work as a parental team.

Although the marriage is over, they have not stopped being a family. It is important that children recognize that they matter more to their parents than anything else.

Keep hostility out of conversations about children

No matter how parents are feeling about one another, they cannot let it interfere with their ability to communicate about children after divorce. Ideally, they should keep their focus on their children. They must make a conscientious effort to remain receptive to what one another has to say.

Be flexible with one another

Structuring parenting time in a way that works well for everyone including children is a fundamental part of co-parenting effectively. Parents have to each hold up their end of an agreement. However, they should also try to be flexible with one another and responsive to their children’s needs.

Back each other up

Inconsistent feedback to children about what they can and cannot do leads to confusion and could even instigate problematic behavior. Parents should attempt to reinforce one another’s input to children in how they address behavior at home and school.

In the aftermath of a divorce, the transition to co-parenting separately may take some time to figure out. Putting aside differences that came about during a marriage may be necessary for parents to6 provide children with the support and security that they need.

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