How to know if a collaborative divorce is right for you

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A collaborative divorce involves both spouses coming together to settle disagreements without going to court. The divorcing couple can whether or not they will need help from mediators or divorce professionals, which can make divorce in Pennsylvania a little easier to navigate.

How the process works

In a collaborative divorce, both spouses negotiate to determine an acceptable divorce settlement. You may need some professional help to accomplish this, and specialists who have experience with this type of divorce can help you figure out child custody and spousal support arrangements. Collaborating with your ex can also help you properly divide your assets.

The main benefit of this form of divorce is that all issues will be resolved without bringing the case to a judge. The professionals who are working with you on a collaborative divorce will also make a contractual agreement indicating that you’ll have to seek legal representation if you decide to take your divorce case to court.

The benefits of a collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is more cost-effective than a traditional divorce and can be less emotionally taxing than going to divorce court. Collaboration allows you and your spouse to make temporary financial or living arrangements until your divorce is final.

You’ll also be exchanging all crucial information without being court-ordered to do so, and you’ll agree on which legal procedures are necessary to complete your divorce. Deciding how to handle post-divorce issues such as alimony or child support is also addressed in a collaborative divorce.

When you choose the collaborative divorce option, you and your ex can negotiate a settlement that both of you can be satisfied with.

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