Signs that a marriage is heading toward divorce

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No two marriages end for the same reason, and factors that may bring one marriage to an end may cause another couple to grow stronger. Sometimes, it is a major event that creates an irreparable rift between spouses. However, more often, it is a series of little things that build up until one spouse emotionally detaches from the other. Pennsylvania couples may wonder if there are signs when divorce is imminent.

When spouses lose trust in their partners, they may display this in various ways. For example, they may stop talking honestly with each other or respond to their partners with contempt or indifference. Communication is critical to the growth and intimacy of a couple, and if a couple cannot maintain a healthy channel of communication, they will not be able to resolve their conflicts effectively.

One partner may feel alone in the relationship, especially if the other spouse does not share any desire to work on the issues between them. If a spouse feels his or her efforts to repair the problems in the marriage are unappreciated, he or she may withdraw from the partner. It is not uncommon for a spouse in a troubled marriage to consider how much better life would be if he or she divorced or to realize the bad things far outweigh the good.

Perhaps the earliest and most obvious sign that something is not right in a marriage is the lack of intimacy. If physical affection is rarely expressed or if one partner regularly rejects the affections of the other, there are likely deeper issues that can quickly lead to divorce. When Pennsylvania couples determine those issues cannot be resolved to save the marriage, they often seek the advice of a family law attorney for guidance and assistance.

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