These 5 co-parenting tips can save you from a lot of stress

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Even if you’re looking forward to putting your marriage in the past, you may still have some concerns about the future. This is particularly true if you have children with your ex-spouse.

Co-parenting is challenging on many levels. From arguments over what’s best for your children to questions about parenting time, it always seems like there’s something else to figure out.

Here are five co-parenting tips that can save you from a lot of stress, while also keeping you and your ex on the same page:

  • Remember that it’s not all about you: It’s important to put the best interests of your children above all else. Also, take the other parent’s feelings into consideration, as you don’t want to do anything that will make them feel poorly.
  • Keep a flexible schedule: Yes, you want to follow the parenting plan as closely as possible, but flexibility is a must if you want to co-parent with success.
  • Maintain a clear line of communication: It doesn’t matter how you communicate with your ex, as long as you do so when necessary. For example, some divorced parents find that it’s best to communicate in person. Others, however, are better off using text messages and email to stay in touch.
  • Don’t put your children in the middle: It’s hard to avoid this, but doing so is an absolute must. For instance, don’t complain about your ex to your children. Not only can this strain your relationship with your children, but it will eventually get back to your ex.
  • Respect their time with their other parent: Don’t get in the way when your children are spending time with their other parent. This includes showing up without warning or excessively calling/texting your children.

It can be a challenge to follow these co-parenting tips, especially when you’re new to this way of life. Fortunately, most people settle into a routine as the days go by.

If you’re struggling to co-parent as a result of your ex continually violating the parenting and visitation agreement, learn more about your legal rights and the steps you can take to prevent trouble in the future.

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