Reasons to consider a collaborative divorce

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You and your spouse may be more than ready to end your Pennsylvania marriage after all the months of conflict. But, the thought of a long, drawn-out courtroom battle may have you feeling exhausted and discouraged before you even begin the paperwork.

High-conflict divorces do not necessarily require a battle, though. At the Law Offices of Kathleen D. Schneider, we often advise clients on the benefits of choosing a collaborative divorce rather than a litigated divorce.


One of the primary benefits of collaborative divorce is that you and your spouse are in control of your settlement rather than the judge. At first glance, this may not seem beneficial if the two of you have been unable to agree on anything for some time. However, collaborative law attorneys may offer creative solutions that allow you to work past the disputes and come to an agreement.


When you litigate a divorce, you subject yourself to the court’s timetable, which could stretch out for months due to full dockets. By keeping the bulk of the work of the divorce out of the court, you could complete the divorce and be moving on with your life before the two of you could have begun to battle it out in court.


Whether or not you and your spouse are a high-asset couple, it is likely you do not want to spend significant amounts of money fighting over property division and other matters. Collaborative divorces almost always cost considerably less than litigation.

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