How to tell children that mom and dad are getting a divorce

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Informing children of your impending divorce is one of the most challenging tasks a parent may face. How you approach the matter is pivotal in how well they deal with the news.

The way you communicate this information makes a huge difference. A thoughtful presentation can reduce potential upset and misbehavior resulting from the emotional impact.

Setting the scene

Begin the conversation in a comfortable setting where there will be no distractions. Select a time free from constraints to allow for an open-ended discussion. Schedule this moment two to three weeks before any separation occurs, thus giving little ones time to process this life-changing knowledge.

Choosing age-appropriate language

Tailor your words to the age and maturity level of each child. Be honest, but avoid overwhelming them with unnecessary details. Be clear and straightforward with your presentation. Provide reassurance throughout that they are not responsible for the situation.

Emphasizing love and support

Clearly state that both parents love them unconditionally and that the divorce changes nothing in this regard. Highlight the value you place on maintaining a loving and supportive relationship. Reinforce that keeping them happy remains a top priority for both of you.

Encouraging questions and feelings

Be ready for your precious ones to go through varying emotions, including anger and sadness. Request they express their thoughts openly, stressing that all points of view are valid. Reassure them that their concerns are a priority. All of this should foster an atmosphere of trust and reciprocity.

Informing your kids about a coming split remains a sensitive task, yet a caring approach can make the break less painful. Throughout the journey, remember that the children’s experience deserves careful consideration.

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