Creating a checklist to prepare for divorce

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Very few things can be as complicated in the life of Pennsylvania residents as going through a divorce. Preparing in advance can help make the process peaceful, drama-free and fair.

Prepare mentally

During your divorce, you must make countless major decisions that will impact you and your children for years. The more organized you are, the more mental clarity you’ll have, and the better you will come to an accord.

Make a mental list of your assets and debts. Gather copies of financial statements, including W-2s, tax returns, bank accounts, pay stubs, credit card statements, insurance policies, and mortgage statements

Create a marital budget. Have a clear mental picture of your current expenses living with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, and then project what monthly expenses there will be after divorce. Taking a more active role, even if you’re not the one who initiates the divorce, will put you in a better mental space to reach a good settlement and control stress during the process.

Prepare to keep the house

Are you looking at staying in your house or for your child’s sake? Be honest with yourself about whether you can financially afford to pay for the house and if you want to pay for maintenance and upkeep. If keeping the house is not viable, consider options for selling it and take a realistic look at what those would mean for you financially.

Prepare for the legal process

Understand how divorce operates in Pennsylvania and its implications for your case. This comprehension will help you anticipate complications and select the most advantageous divorce path.

Prepare for conflict

Acknowledge potential disagreements with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Plan your requests in advance and avoid assuming your spouse will be cooperative. Effective preparation enables you to manage expectations and emotions amid divorce-related conflicts.

The divorce process is rarely an easy one. However, you can make it successful by planning, thinking about what you want it to look like and not feeling stressed and overwhelmed when conflict arises.

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