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Prenups better than separate accounts in divorce

Marriage looks different than it did in past generations, with millennials deviating from many trends and expectations set by their parents. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Marriage and divorce are simply evolving to adapt to new societal standards and the expectations of today's young adults. However, there are some important protections that millennials are overlooking, and it could harm them in the long run.

Taking on a mortgage after divorce is a major decision

When ending a marriage, the decisions made can have effects on Pennsylvania residents for years to come. It can be difficult to make certain choices because arrangements that seem fitting now may not prove as useful later on. This may be especially true when trying to decide what to do with the family home during divorce.

Proceeding cautiously with a later-in-life divorce

When an older couple decides to end their marriage, it can take a significant financial toll on their future. Gray divorce, which is a divorce involving two people age 50 or older, can have various implications on things such as retirement and long-term savings. With fewer years remaining to work, save and recoup financial losses, these are serious matters a Pennsylvania reader would be wise to consider if he or she is moving forward with a later-in-life divorce.

Common mistakes that can derail a divorce settlement

Ending a marriage is a complex and difficult process, and it is easy to allow temporary emotions to drive the decision-making process. However, Pennsylvania readers know it is prudent to set aside anger and frustration and focus on what will really work best well into the future. Mistakes during divorce can affect a person for years to come, and every person walking through this process would be prudent to know how to avoid them

Technology often contributes to divorce

There is no question that technology is a vital role in modern life. Even those in Pennsylvania with minimal technology in their homes may have a computer or mobile device, and motor vehicles are equipped with programs and devices that practically operate the vehicle automatically. However, when it comes to marriages and relationships, studies show that too much technology can have a negative impact on the way people communicate. In fact, it may be one of the contributing factors that leads a couple to divorce.

Signs may indicate divorce is unavoidable

Despite statistics showing that nearly half of marriages end in divorce, it is probably fair to say that many of those divorced spouses wish they could have fixed their marriages instead. In fact, research shows that spouses in unhappy marriages may work for up to six years trying to resolve their issues before seeking a divorce. Some experts have compiled a list of signs that a struggling marriage is likely over, and knowing those signs may save Pennsylvania couples years of unhappiness.

Preparing for divorce

Emotions are running high and thought processes are often affected. When the Pennsylvania resident has finally had enough and decided that it is time to file for divorce, the ability to make sound decisions and take action may be affected. Yet, even with the emotional turmoil, it is necessary for the individual to take the necessary steps in order to move on with life.

Signs that a marriage is heading toward divorce

No two marriages end for the same reason, and factors that may bring one marriage to an end may cause another couple to grow stronger. Sometimes, it is a major event that creates an irreparable rift between spouses. However, more often, it is a series of little things that build up until one spouse emotionally detaches from the other. Pennsylvania couples may wonder if there are signs when divorce is imminent.

How do Pennsylvania courts divide assets in a divorce?

If you're considering a divorce, you may have many questions. There's a lot of misinformation floating around out there about divorce, and not everything you hear is accurate or applies to your situation. It's only normal to wonder what to expect and try to figure out what the likely outcome to your divorce will be.

Coparenting tips in Pennsylvania

When you have recently entered into a coparenting relationship with your ex spouse or partner, it is likely that it will take you some time to fully adjust. Any coparenting relationship has challenges, and there will likely be conflicts that take place in regard to what you believe is best for your kids.

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